A family business focused on the biological production of exotic mushrooms



Super Nutritious





Source of Protein


of eating mushrooms
  • Helps weight-loss due to low-calorie and low-fat content;
  • Fights constipation thanks to the richness in fibres and water;
  • The elevated fibre content increases the feeling of satiety;
  • Builds up the immune system due to rich content in important nutrients like vitamin B complex and selenium;
  • Improves bone health thanks to vitamin D and phosphorous;
  • Prevents anaemia due to vitamin B complex and iron content;
  • The rich antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent diseases like cancer;
  • The richness in beta-glucans helps control cholesterol and high blood pressure.

We feel a heightened responsibility as agricultural producers to present a high-quality product to be put on the consumers’ table.